Soil Science Licensure & Certification

NC Licensed Professional Soil Scientists

With appropriate course work and work experience, you may be eligible to become a Licensed Professional Soil Scientist in NC. If you have a BS in Soil Science, you likely meet the requirements already. Your work as a graduate student in soil science will also provide the required soil science competencies if you do not have a BS in soil science.

The basic requirements for licensure are

  • A bachelor of science degree with a minimum of 30 semester hours in agricultural, biological, physical or earth sciences
  • At least 15 semester hours in soil science
  • At least three years of professional work experience as a Soil Scientist under a licensed Soil Scientist
  • Demonstration of necessary knowledge through successfully completing an exam adopted by the Board

For more information on licensure in North Carolina, see the North Carolina Board of Licensed Soil Scientists website.

Licensure in Other States

A number of other states require licensure for practicing Soil Scientists. See the Soil Science Society of America Licensing web site for more information

Certified Professional Soil Scientist

Not all states have licensure for soil scientists. However, the Soil Science Society of America provides a path to becoming a Certified Professional Soil Scientist. More information can be found on SSSA Certifications web site.