Housing at NC State

Moving to the Raleigh area to attend NC State can present challenges with finding a place to live. The department cannot locate an apartment or room for you, but the resources below may be of assistance in your search for a place to stay.

In addition to the following options, you can also connect with graduate students in the department by sending a message to the Grad Student Group (you can only do this after you have your NCSU email active and you must send from that account). Occasionally, existing students are looking for new roommates.

University Housing

The University has a variety of housing options. While most of these are for undergraduate students, there are options for graduate students as well. Options include:

E.S. King Village

Wolf Ridge

Western Manor Apartments

For more information, explore the University Housing website.

NC State Off-Campus Housing Website

This resource can assist you in finding off-campus housing around campus. Visit the NC State Off-campus Housing site for more information.

Off-Campus Housing Tips

Study the Housing Off-campus Information site to gain valuable information about what you should be thinking about as you look for housing.

Other Off-Campus Resources

You may find these commercial, non-NCSU sites of interest in your search for a place to live:

Apartment Guide

Apartment List