Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP)

The Graduate Student Support Plan is a financial support package that allows us to recruit top students to NC State University. It provides eligible students with tuition support and health insurance during their time in degree. Soil Science graduate students that meet the requirements below are eligible for this support. (for a limited number of semesters).

  • Enrolled in an on-campus Master of Science or Doctoral program. Master of Soil Science students do not qualify for GSSP support, either online via distance education or on-campus.
  • Supported on a qualifying graduate assistantship (teaching or research) or fellowship of $10,000 annually for MS students and $15,000 for PhD students. These are minimum requirements from the Graduate School. Assistantships in Soil Science exceed these minimums significantly.
  • Meet the minimum enrollment requirements to remain enrolled full-time at all times. You must be registered as a full-time graduate student in order to remain eligible.

Students who are US citizens are required to pursue North Carolina Residency in order to maintain their GSSP support.  International students on an assistantship are not able to file for residency and are supported for the duration of their degree program.

Master of Science Students are eligible for up to four semesters of support and PhD students can receive 8 to 10 semesters of support depending on whether they are pursuing the degree with, or without, a previous masters degree.

For more details, please see the latest information at the Graduate Student Support Plan page at the Graduate School.