Professional Development for Graduate Students

Graduate School Programs

The Graduate School’s professional development programs enhance graduate student and postdoctoral success by providing academic and career support, mentoring, and co-curricular experiences.

Examples include:

  • Workshops on leadership, careers, communications, self-development
  • Certificates in teaching, leadership, and other important areas
  • The Preparing the Professoriate program

If you want to explore options for opportunities with the Graduate School, please visit the Professional Development site.

Graduate Peer Mentoring Collaborative

“The Graduate Peer Mentoring Collaborative prepares doctoral students in… the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to:

  • serve as peer mentors to their fellow graduate students
  • mentor current or future undergraduates and others they may supervise
  • be active mentees in relationships with their own mentors.

Graduate Peer Mentors learn the skills to be successful mentors and mentees during a cross-college two-day retreat in May and six cross-college workshops during the academic year. Students also work within respective colleges to design a focused initiative for the academic year (e.g., host peer networking event(s); organize a speaker series on graduate student well-being; coordinate a peer mentoring program; create a college website with links to resources; design and execute a survey).”

Mentors receive a $1,000 additional stipend for the year spent as a mentor. And the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences is very supportive of the work of each mentor as well. This is a very positive way to give back to your peers and the department.

For more information, contact Dr. Rebecca Dunning in CALS or talk to the DGP.