Required Actions for Master of Science Students

In order to successfully complete your MS degree, you will need to complete the following actions. For more information, consult the Graduate Services Coordinator – Angie Barefoot.

ActionWhen RequiredInitiated By
File complete, official transcripts from all universities and colleges attended, including degrees and dates awarded to the Graduate SchoolBefore the beginning of the first semester of enrollmentStudent is responsible for providing official transcripts
Complete New Hire PaperworkImmediately on arrival – your first dayStudent with the Graduate Services Coordinator, Angie Barefoot
Schedule entrance visit with the Director of Soil Science Graduate Programs (DGP)Within the first two weeks of arrivalStudent with the DGP via email
Submit the Patent Agreement – required by the Graduate SchoolWithin the first two weeksStudent through MyPack Portal
Appointment of Advisory Committee During the second semester or earlierBy student with Advisor with approval of DGP prior to submission to the Graduate School
File proposed Graduate Plan of WorkBy the end of the first semesterStudent with Advisor and submission via MyPack portal for approval by DGP
Apply for graduationBefore the thesis defense but no later than the Apply to Graduate DeadlineStudent through the MyPack portal
Submit completed thesis to Advisory CommitteeAt least 2 weeks prior to the schedule final oral examinationStudent
Submit request for final MS oral examinationMust be submitted to the DGP at least 12 working days prior to the scheduled examination. The DGP must submit to the Graduate School at least 10 working days prior to the scheduled examinationInitiated by student by submission of the Request to Schedule Masters Oral Examination and submitted to the DGP at least 12 working days before the scheduled examination date.
Report on outcome of the final oral exam.Immediately after the final oral examination is completedAdvisor submits results to DGP who submits to the Graduate School
Submit thesis draft to the Graduate School for reviewImmediately after passing the final oral defense – within one week.Student submits to the ETD System
Submit final, error-free version of thesis to the Graduate SchoolWell before the Final Error-Free DeadlineStudent submits to the ETD System
Schedule an exit interview with the Soil Science Director of Graduate ProgramsPrior to departureStudent
Turn in all keys to Departmental OfficePrior to departureStudent
Turn in computers and other equipment to AdvisorPrior to departureStudent
Provide forwarding address and email to Graduate Services CoordinatorPrior to departureStudent