Office Space & Keys

All PhD and MS students are assigned office space. These offices are shared spaces with desks for four to six students. In some cases you will be in in a smaller space within your Advisor’s laboratory. Students whose primary location is at the Plant Science Building will not be assigned an office and will be asked to use graduate student “hoteling” spaces when in Williams Hall.

Office Assignments

The Director of Soil Science Graduate Programs will assign a desk in an office space to you before you arrive. You will likely be in a space with others working with the same Advisor, but not always. Look for an email a few weeks prior to your arrival for your office assignment.


When you receive the email about your office space, you will also receive instructions on picking up keys to your office and lab spaces. The departmental Executive Assistant, Ms. Kathy Kelly, will notify you when you can pick up the keys. When you finish your degree, you must return those keys directly to her office.