Presenting Research at Professional Meetings

Graduate students are strongly encouraged to present their research at a national or regional conference. The decision on what to present and at which conference(s) should be made in discussion with your advisor. Conferences are a great way to share your work, learn about other scientific advances in your field, and meet others in the profession from around the world.


Presenting at a conference can be expensive. Funding occurs from

  • Students typically receive funding from their Advisor to present at one or more meetings. Talk with your Advisor about presenting and how to fund it.
  • Students may apply for partial financial support from the NC State Graduate Student Association Travel Awards program.
  • The Soil Science Graduate program also has a limited number of competitive travel grants available.

    A travel authorization must be processed and approved prior to registering for a conference. If the conference is virtual and no travel is required, then the travel authorization is not necessary. Travel authorizations are initiated in the MyPack Portal Travel Center in the Financial Services section.

    Travel should be done in the most cost efficient manner possible. For example, if a conference is a reasonable drive, a group of students can travel together in a state vehicle. Consult your advisor on travel issues.

    Soil Science Travel Grants (coming soon)