Welcome to the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences at NC State University!

We are pleased that you have chosen to continue your education by pursuing a graduate degree in Soil Science.  Graduate student education is an essential and integral component of the research, teaching, extension, and service functions of the Department. This handbook outlines University and Departmental policies, procedures, and resources needed for successful graduate study in Soil Science. In addition to information relevant to the department, you will also find links to important information at the university level.

The Graduate School at NC State

You should familiarize yourself with the NC State Graduate Handbook and other information on the Graduate School website. There you will find details on residency, tuition and fees, the Graduate Student Support Plan, and much more.  You will also find forms that are needed for scheduling oral exams, blah, blah….

Departmental Contacts

If you have questions about the Soil Science graduate programs, you may contact the following persons:

For questions about course work, admissions, and other program information, please contact:For questions about deadlines and administrative procedures, please contact:
Dr. Mike Mullen
Director of Graduate Programs
Professor of Soil Biology
3207 Williams Hall
Angie Barefoot
Graduate Services Coordinator
2321 Williams Hall

The Department of Crop and Soil Sciences is housed in Williams Hall on North Campus, on the Brickyard.  When you arrive on campus, please stop by room 2321 Williams Hall. Angie Barefoot, Graduate Services Coordinator, will record your arrival and answer any questions you may have about the Graduate Programs in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences.  If you have been awarded a research and teaching assistantship, Angie will assist you in processing the necessary forms.